What is Rightsizing?

Dear Friends,
I am often asked about this term that I use all the time, so here is what it’s all about…

Rightsizing is about expanding options and defining purposeful new directions.

Now is the time to do what makes US happy. It’s a time to explore our current lifestyle and our opportunities.It may be time to take a new direction or to blaze a completely different path … one with less responsibility and more of what WE want!The old word downsizing is often associated with loss and/or lack. In modern times, loss often refers to jobs (as in “our company needs to downsize”). Downsizing is bad news!  Think of Rightsizing as a promotion.

Rightsizing will help us:

  • Plan the next phase in life.
  • Consider what direction we wish our life could take now?
  • Think of a couple things we’ve always wanted to do, but never made time for?
  • Realize that we have a number of personal options.
  • Look forward to future adventures.
  • Think in terms of a clean slate.
  • Reach goals and achieve dreams that may have been on hold for years.
  • Feel more empowered and in control of our lives.

Rightsizing is about far more than possessions.  It is about breaking free of responsibilities that are no longer necessary and that cause more burden than joy!!!

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