Reverse Mortgages

reverse mortgage

A reverse mortgage could be a great solution for you!Keith Wenger

Every families circumstances are unique.  I’ve recently been able to help a few of my clients who realized that a reverse mortgage was the very best solution for their situation.

In the past there has been some “bad press” about these mortgages and like any product, if it’s not the right fit, I say you shouldn’t buy it.

However there are some fabulous upsides for people with the right profile.

And the great news is that as a result of my long term relationships with the lenders, I can get you set up with a reverse mortgage where the lenders actually pick up the cost of the borrowers fees leaving more cash for you at the time of closing.

So if you or a family member are 62+, you should take time to connect with me to learn more about the options availble with reverse mortgages. If a reverse mortgage is not right for you there are other mortgages available that could be right, such as a  30 year fixed loan in the mid 3s with no points.

It could be the best call you ever make!

Keith’s Korner

All is well around the Wenger family! Margie and I made it back safely from our wonderful trip to Costa Rica. We spent 7 days on the Oso peninsula which is very close to Panama. We went by horseback into the mountains and jungles to repel down a 110ft water fall. It was amazing but I thought Margie was gonna pass out, but she made it down. We also did a zip line tour where we took 7 zip line rides in the jungle and saw all kinds of animals including monkeys, sloths and lots of birds.

It was an amazing adventure, but as always, we were glad to get home. The house was in one piece when we returned and the kids are all working hard on starting back to school. Stay tuned:)

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