We’re trying to determine the next step…

Caring TransitionsNearly everyone wishes to “age in place” as they grow older.  As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) and a Mortgage Broker we can help make that happen.  A Reverse Mortgage is an option, as is a Home Equity Line of Credit. Remodeling your house to make it more suitable and safe for the years ahead is a great option for some.But often, the spacious family house becomes too burdensome, financially and physically, to maintain.  With our growing 50 Plus population, there are an increasing number of people facing the daunting decision to downsize and sell their family home.”Rightsizing” is actually a better term, since moving to a home that better suits an older adult’s needs and circumstances doesn’t necessarily mean it must be smaller.

The next step can entail a complex set of decisions relating to finances as well as anticipating future needs as you and your loved ones age.  In an effort to assist, Imperial works closely with all involved to review the current housing situation and outline the topics to weigh as you consider that next move.  We provide pertinent information on 50 Plus housing trends, financing and market conditions as well as help you with every step while you’re exploring all of the options and determining the very best place to call home.There are lots of questions for the older adult to consider when they are thinking it may be time for a lifestyle change:

  • Where will I move? Will I buy another home, rent, move into a seniors residence?
  • How will I dispose of all the belongings that I can’t move?
  • What services would it be important to have nearby, eg bus service, grocery store?
  • Do I need to have some services provided to me, eg meals, housekeeping, social activities, transportation?
  • Do I have family or friends who can help me with all the work required to rightsize and move?
  • How do I decide which retirement residence to move into if that is what I need/want?

Imperial 50 Plus Service offers help in answering these questions as well as supporting you with the following and more…

  • small repairs to prepare the home for sale
  • cleaning services
  • packing
  • moving
  • finding a suitable retirement home, if that is the next step
  • unpacking and setting up the new home
  • the disposition of belongings that won’t go to the new home
  • financial planning
  • legal assistance

Rightsizing and selling the family home can be one ofcaring_transitions the most difficult processes older adults have to go through. Often, it is the children of older adults who realize that their parents can no longer properly look after themselves in their current home and should move to something that would be more suitable.  All too often, this decision is made when the individual or couples are no longer able to maintain their current home. Sometimes the decision is related to failing health. For many it is a desire to simplify their lifestyle so they have more time to do other things. Sometimes they are feeling lonely and isolated and want to live in an environment with more social interaction.

A move will definitely involve a change in living arrangements. The choice may be to buy another home in an adult lifestyle community or in a condo/apartment building. The decision could be to rent rather than own their next home. Or it could be appropriate to move into a retirement or assisted living residence.

It is better for 50 Plus adults to make the decision to rightsize and move while they are still healthy and have the time to plan their move and the energy to act on their decisions. If they wait until they MUST move, they often reduce the housing choices available to them. They also face time pressures and are forced to make decisions under stress.

Whatever the reason for the change in lifestyle, the process of rightsizing and moving can feel overwhelming. But families don’t have to face this task alone. Imperial can help! As a SRES-designated REALTOR serving the Foothills Market, we are experienced and committed to manage the transition process and provide peace of mind for our 50 Plus clients and their families.