unexpected bonus
Dear Friends,
As you probably know, over the last year or two I have been putting a lot of time and focus into helping seniors with their mortgage and real estate needs. It has been very rewarding for me personally and for my business.

When I started this effort, I knew that if I did an outstanding job of helping seniors with their downsizing, or “rightsizing” as I call it, they would refer me to their senior friends. As a small and independent business, referrals are certainly the key to our ongoing success.

unexpected bonus The unexpected bonus came as the result of my senior clients referring me to their children and even in a couple of cases, their grandchildren. So, I’m right back to helping first time buyers and families that are upsizing, which I guess is also “rightsizing” for their situation. Of course many of these folks need me to assist with their loans as well as their buying and selling, so it has really worked out great.