Social Media – Who Knew???

I thought that Seniors wouldn’t connect through Social Media…

As many or most of you know, at the beginning of this year I started to put a lot of my efforts into working with Seniors.  I made that decision for both personal and business reasons and I immediately set out and became a certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist through the National Board of Realtors.

I made changes in my website and other marketing approaches, but thought that Social Media wasn’t the right vehicle to use to reach and connect with what I hoped would be my audience.

Boy, was I wrong (again) about that.  I recently was prompted to give SM a try and has it ever worked out great.  I have been posting information and articles about the challenges and opportunities that are going on with Seniors on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and  the response has been wonderful.

What has also been interesting is the number of people contacting me who have aging parents.  I thought I would be working mostly with the Seniors themselves, but the reality is that aging effects an entire family.

Because I am still doing work with my regular clients, I also post up info about the ever changing world of Loans and Real Estate and I have had so many people replying with Thank You’s.

Please connect with me on any of my links and share the information with family, friends and colleagues.  I appreciate your trust and wish you all the best.